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I’ll show you how to analyze charts logically and follow institutional traders using real-time data, footprints, and volume tools.

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At The Volume Traders, we believe in the power of community-driven trading. Our approach is rooted in the collective wisdom and shared experiences of our members. By trading as a unified community, each member gains access to a diverse range of perspectives and strategies, enriching their trading journey.

Our company is all about volume trading and providing top-notch services to our clients. From start to finish, we’re dedicated to delivering results that exceed expectations.

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We connect a lot with our traders to make sure they get what they need to be a profitable trader.

I’ve finally found “my” group –

We all have been in probably 10 forex groups at a time and bounced around using different strategies…after joining Seb and his community I can finally say I’m at home – he’s extremely attentive and actually cares about you. Everyone in the chat cares and we build off of each other

I was recently able to leave the other groups I was a part of and I can now say I am on my way to getting consistently profitable!

I hope to make the meet-up someday! 🙂


I wished I would have encounter seb earlier. I have bought many courses and Spent so much money on them. what’s the difference between seb and the rest is, he clearly shows understanding about the market and teaches us to read the market.. not just following systems after systems or strategies after strategies.. it is just eye opening in what seb has taught me.


Alex Koe

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  • NWork a couple of hours a day, whenever and however you want.
  • NSee when institutions place their big orders.
  • NKnow when to enter the market alongside the big players.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is this course suitable for beginners?

This course is not for 100% beginners. If you have a basic understanding of the markets (support/resistance, trendlines, indicators, etc.), then this course is the best fit for you to achieve consistency.

We don’t cover what a pip is, but we teach you how to read the markets like a professional.

Do i need to be on the PC the whole day?

Our strategy primarily focuses on the long-term timeframe (LTF), so our setups typically occur several times a day. As a trader, you can choose your preferred times to look for these setups.

Do you offer support and a community forum?

Yes, we have an exclusive community for traders using this strategy, where you can chat and ask questions. Additionally, our team is active in the community to provide help and keep the enthusiasm alive in the group.


How often is the course material updated?

We add weekly summary videos where we explain the trades we executed. This way, you can see the strategy applied live in the market from the past week.

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