Feeling Stuck In Your Trading Journey? Then It’s Time For A Proven Change

“My strategy isn’t just theory; it’s built on real, actionable insights that pave the way to profitability.”

Unlock The Same Powerful Data That Institutions Use to Master The Market.

What You Will Learn:

How I Spot Reversals In The Market

Which Tools i Use to Execute Without Guessing

How I Can See If a Breakout is Fake or Real

How I Trade for Max. 2 Hours A day (Multiple Setups)

How I Grew Over 50% in 3 Trading days

Your instructor: Sebastian

I started as a truck driver, seeking financial freedom through trading. Initially, I struggled with losses and felt overwhelmed by the conflicting advice from so called “trading guru’s”.

My turning point came when i discovered footprint charts and volume tools, which clarified market moves and improved my trading decisions.

This led to a consistent win rate of 70%+ and marked a turning point in my trading journey. This performance laid the groundwork for what I would later formalize as the ‘Absorption Based Trading’ method

The volume traders community has grown to over 600+ people using the strategy that eliminates the guesswork and focuses on real data and real numbers.

I’ve turned this knowledge into a free eBook, offering a approach to trading with confidence and clarity. It’s designed to help traders make confident decisions and guidance towards achieving financial freedom and success in the trading world.