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Learn How To Be a Profitable Trader With Order flow and Volume trading

The Order Flow Mastery Course is the ultimate course for learning how to trade with the big players (order flow) in the market. You’ll learn exactly how to spot REAL stophunts and REAL big order placements. No guessing…

“Since joining TVT my trading has transformed so much. The material is informative and he doesn’t leave anything out.”

Alex Nguyen

“I have been with Seb since his beginnings as a mentor, when he started the first group (GU scalpers). I stayed with him because of his unmatched support, the Summary of the Day videos are all a gem.”


” I’ve finally found “my” group. We all have been in probably 10 forex groups at a time and bounced around using different strategies…after joining Seb and his community I can finally say I’m at home “


Feeling Stuck?

You’ve Tried Different Strategies Over and Over…

But you can’t find consistency and profitability. Every strategy promises success but ends in a familiar spiral of disappointment and missed opportunities.


Think it’s too hard?

It Can be Hard, If You Focus on The Wrong Things

Trading is hard if you have to guess too much. With real volume and accurate data, you understand what’s happening in the market. How much money is being deployed, are the big players present, or is it a fake move?

With real data, you can make informed decisions.


Order Flow Mastery Course for Traders

"If you understand Volume, You understand Orderflow"

What You'll Learn in The Course

You dont’ want to miss this one!

How to Find Valid Order Flow Zones

Discover how to spot valid order flow zones, key to making informed trades and avoiding random guesses.

“Spot the Right Zones”: Learn to identify where the market is likely to move.

“Avoid Costly Mistakes”: Steer clear of unprofitable areas and enhance your trading efficiency.

“Trade with Confidence”: Gain the knowledge to trade based on solid, reliable information.

Entering the Market After the Big Players

Learn to time your market entry just after the big players, leveraging their moves for smarter and safer trades.

“Ride the Big Wave”: Understand how to follow major players’ moves for greater trading success.

“Cut the Guesswork”: Eliminate risky guesses by trading with confirmed market trends.

“Trade Smarter, Not Harder”: Use big players’ actions to make more informed and effective trades.

How to Trade Order Flow Using Volume

Learn the art of using volume in order flow trading to make smarter decisions and boost your trading edge.

“Master Market Trends”: Grasp how volume reveals the real market direction.

“Reduce Risk”: Learn to avoid common pitfalls with volume-informed strategies.

“Trade with Insight”: Gain deeper market understanding for more effective trades.

How to NOT Get Manipulated by the Big Players

Uncover how to stay one step ahead of big players’ tactics, protecting your trades from being swayed by their moves.

“Spot the Traps”: Learn to recognize and avoid big players’ market manipulation strategies.

“Trade on Facts”: Base your decisions on real market data, not misleading moves.

“Build Solid Strategies”: Develop trading approaches that withstand big market player influences.

Essential Tools for Profitable Trading

Explore the key tools that transformed my trading journey, offering you the same edge to enhance your market performance.

“Trade with Precision”: Discover tools that sharpen your market analysis for more accurate trades.

“Avoid Common Errors”: Learn which tools help sidestep typical trading blunders.

“Streamline Your Strategy”: Find out how the right tools simplify complex trading decisions.


Bonus #1

70+ Video’s explaining my trades

(Value: €300)

Gain exclusive access to 70 videos where I break down my trades in detail, offering a unique, behind-the-scenes look at my trading process.

These insights will accelerate your learning, helping you understand real-market applications of the strategies and refine your trading skills.

Bonus #2

GU Scalpers course

(Value €600)

Dive into the specialized Old GU Scalpers Course, fully focused on trading GBP/USD, one of the most dynamic currency pairs.

This comprehensive material will sharpen your skills specifically for this pair, enhancing your ability to identify profitable opportunities and navigate its unique market behaviors.

Don’t Feel Alone

Access to Our Exclusive Trading Community

“Learn from Peers”: Share and gain insights from fellow traders’ experiences and strategies.

“Avoid Common Pitfalls”: Discover how others navigate and overcome typical trading challenges.

“Stay Motivated”: Gain encouragement and motivation through community interaction and success stories.

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Module 1 - Introduction
    • What is important to succeed in the trading business
    • Mindset tips that can be the difference between profitable and nto porfitbale
    • Who is Seb and why can his knowledge help you
    Module 2 - Installation and setup (NT8 & MZPack)
      • Set up NinjaTrader 8 the right way.
      • Set up your MZpack indicators to see Order Flow.
      Module 3 - Alternative setup (MT5 + Clusterdelta)
        • Set up MetaTrader for volume trading.
        • Set up Cluster Delta for order flow trading.
        Module 4 - Supply and demand
          • How to Spot High Probability Zones.
          • How to Use Indicators for Verification.
          • How to Mark Your Zones.
          Module 5 - Key levels
            • What are key levels and how to trade them?
            • How to spot key levels
            Module 6 - Market structure
              • How to view the markets
              • How to make a daily bias
              • accumulation distribution in trading
              Module 7 - Compression / Liquidity grabs
                • Manipulation paterns
                • Extra confluences for your entries
                Module 8 - Footprint charts - Orderflow
                  • Learn the basics of footprint charts, including how to read and interpret them.
                  • How to trade absorption
                  • Learn how to effectively combine footprint analysis with your current trading strategies
                  Module 9 - Imbalances
                    • Incorporating Imbalance Analysis with Order Flow
                    • how to predict potential market turns or continuations based on imbalances
                    Module 10 - Absorption - Passive and Aggressive orders
                      • Understanding Absorption and Aggressive Orders
                      • Identifying Absorption Patterns
                      Module 11 - Entries and TPs - How to find them (criteria)
                        • Adapting Entry and TP Strategies to Different Market Conditions
                        • Setting and Managing Take Profit (TP) Levels
                        • Principles of Effective Trade Entries
                        Module 12 - Trading examples
                          • Trading examples to increase learning
                          Module 13 - Weekly Summary (every Friday)
                            • Summary of the day video's so you can recap the trades.

                            … And so any more videos and resources that will not only increase your trading skills but also make you more money!

                            NOTE: The more content that is added, the higher the price will go.

                            Is This Right For You?

                            This Is Perfect For Traders:

                            • Ready to make consistent trading profits.
                            • Seeking a precise, confident market approach.
                            • Eager to join a community of successful traders.
                            • Aiming for full-time trading freedom.
                            Meet Your Instructor

                            Your Guide in Your Trading Journey

                            Meet Sebastian, your course instructor with a unique story. Starting as a trucker, he embarked on a forex trading journey 6 years ago, achieving profitability in just two years.

                            His relentless dedication led to developing a successful trading strategy, which he has been refining and using for over 6 years. Sebastian’s hands-on experience and daily learning commitment are at the core of this course.

                            Frequently Asked Questions

                            Hey there! Got questions? We’ve got answers.
                            Check out our FAQ page for all the deets. Still not satisfied? Hit us up.

                            Is this course suitable for beginners?

                            This course is not for 100% beginners. If you have a basic understanding of the markets (support/resistance, trendlines, indicators, etc.), then this course is the best fit for you to achieve consistency.

                            We don’t cover what a pip is, but we teach you how to read the markets like a professional.

                            Any specific tools required for the strategies?

                            Yes, we use NinjaTrader and MZpack, but we also explain how to use MetaTrader and ClusterDelta, so you have access to both tools.

                            Do you offer support and a community forum?

                            Yes, we have an exclusive community for traders using this strategy, where you can chat and ask questions. Additionally, our team is active in the community to provide help and keep the enthusiasm alive in the group.

                            How often is the course material updated?

                            We add weekly summary videos where we explain the trades we executed. This way, you can see the strategy applied live in the market from the past week.

                            Is this a one time fee?

                            This is a one-time fee for access to everything.

                            How much is the course?

                            The course is currently priced at $330 for a limited time. The price may increase over time as we add new content and when our promotional period ends.

                            Is it lifetime acces?

                            Yes, this is lifetime access to both the course and the community.

                            Are You Ready?

                            Become an Profitable Trader with the TVT Course

                            Join today and start a new journey with the volume traders.


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